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A programatic approach to Linguistic

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Post Nasal Drip - Symptoms and Remedies

Welcome to the first ever discussion forum dedicated entirely to providing you a healthy approach to the treatment of post nasal drip. Our team of committed Admins who have all had post nasal drip at

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Agent Nora and The Furball of Fear

Agent Nora was on nightshift, it was generally slow and sleepy, nothing much happened apart from the occasional drunk getting too frisky in Mrs Figgs Emporium, last time it was a projectile vomiting Penguin, but as it turned out to be DI Petty under the

Agent Nora and The Fairy Cakes of Doom

Agent Nora was reely reely bored. She had been married to Chief Inspector Eldo for a year and they had gone skiing on their honeymoon to Cortina in Italy. It had been full of women with fur coats, no knickers and yappy Rat dogs that they insisted on takin

Nora Flewellen

Nora Flewellen Mark & A Dish, Measures About 30cm Long

So, how do you approach your novel?

I may try my hand at a novel. I've been collecting articles relative to its subject, in both paper and electronic folders. I find many ideas for it when reading newspaper and magazine articles. It occurred to me that I'm approaching it the same way

The Luna Lovegood Approach

The Luna Lovegood Approach We all know about the magical creatures of the wizarding world – just flick through “Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them” for all the info, right? Wrong. For this class, we’re going to take the Luna Lovegood approach, an

Does the Jamie Oliver approach work?

The Jamie Oliver approach will not work in tackling public health problems like obesity and smoking, the health secretary says. What approach does work?

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