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Tube Radio forum.Vintage Electrical Appliance

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Forum free : Modern Shat

Forum free : A place to discuss groceries, knitting and kitchen appliances

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Finest Vintage & Antique Radio Forum, for collectors, Hobbyist's, information, tutorials, links, Help, schematics, test equipment, tools, books. Trading and selling, Training, radio parts.

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Audiophile Reference Grade capacitors ( Used )

I am letting go the above audiophile capacitors from my various diy projects all are used but have only gone past the running in period > 400 hours. These brands need no introduction. Prices in following order : 1) Audio Note Copper in Mylar Oil, silve

Hi-fi grade audio capacitors (New & Used)

Grade Audio Capacitors These Hi-Fi Grade (high-quality) capacitors can upgrade your Power Amplifier, Preamplifier, CD Player, D.A.C., DVD Player, etc. to get even better sound. This sale is for a bundle (everything as shown in the pictures) of Hi-Fi

Vintage appliances in my world :-)

Thought I'd take a moment to share some pics This is my kitchen as it was about 2 or 3 years ago, before the stove was updated. The refrig is a 1953 Norge Customatic, which oddly enough is the same one used in Aunt Bea's kitchen on the Andy Griffit

Russian Teflon FT-3 0.22uF 600V Capacitors

The Russian Teflon FT-3 0.22uF 600V capacitors are supposed to sound very nice, but from what I read they are large. Has anyone tried them or will they fit under the VTA board?


Who has best selection of caps? Been ordering from two different places. One place takes two weeks to get . The other keeps subbing does not have a great selection. Thanks Denver

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