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The Official Keeping Up Appearances Fan Club & Forum

The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances'. Log-in or register to participate in some entertaining discussions!

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Arctic Crosshairs

Arctic Crosshairs is a fantasy, yet somewhat realistic as far as appearances go, wolf RPG site. In the harsher northern reaches of Canada, wolves will form together and do anything to survive the battle of hunger. When spring and summer comes, will t

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Hello from the Netherlands!

I'm a 38 y/o mom and a big fan of KUA. Wonderful acting, a great atmosphere and the cozy words of Hyacinth in practically every episode "coffee Elizabeth!" Makes me feel almost like home! I regularly watch all the episodes on you tube and it never gets

Hi Bucket Heads

Hi everyone. Some may know me from the OTB forum but I am new on here. I love KUA with its gentle family friendly humour and have liked David Griffin since his Hi De Hi days. I enjoy most 60s to 90s sitcoms as well as music and most sports. (I do go on a

Hello from the heart of Europe

Hello everybody, I'm a big fan of Keeping up appearances, which has never been broadcasted in Austria, except for a short outtake in the German Television (ZDF) but without great success. I think this is due to the fact that many language details are


Hello, My name is Peter-Paul and I'm Dutch. For almost 10 years I love to see te series again, again, and agian..... I read the book "Its Bouquet-not Bucket" and get interested in the technical sources they have used to make the show. Now I'm curious

Hi all

I kind of just stumbled across this site, I just happened to be watching an episode and wanted to look up Richards car registration number and a link to this site popped up. I had no idea it was so popular, I actually have a bit of claim to fame regardin

Hello to all KUA Fans!

Hello to all the KUA fans scattered around the world. I'm located in Los Angeles, and can say quite honestly that "Keeping Up Appearances" is my all-time favorite comedy program. I've seen every episode so many times that I can almost recite the lines

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