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Tip or Wake, that's The question

Knowing your own profession might be helpful. From my experience help from Explorers and Scientists is all over highly appreciated, while tips from Bankers are not so welcome after having opened three quarters of the rooms. Money just keeps coming in as a

Exactly how does "Leave a Tip" work?

I've noticed that I can leave a tip multiple times in the same room for a friend by leaving their manor and then returning. I try to leave more tips in the rooms they're likely to be working on based on their level. But I'm not sure what the end result

Bro Tip #

ok so i thought this would be a good idea... so if you guys don't know what bro tips are... they are pretty much universal tips that apply to everybody... just put "Bro Tip #" the number will only increase by one... so the second person will give bro tip

A tip to avoid handicap

For those who still believe they get handicapped playing with a high-rated squad. When the match starts to load up, don't look at the screen. Look away so you can't see what players opponent has or what formation they play in. I suspected I was

2013 ALMS Championship

Level 5 have pulled out entirely. Shocker!

Tip.it hacked

Here is the direct link:http://i.imgur.com/jZxnw.jpg

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