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Westone Guitars are 30 years old soon!!

Westone guitars will be 30 next year and I thought it would be fun and interesting to see which member on these forums has the oldest model.............. so come on who has the oldest Westone??? and remember "We want pictures" so show us your

Explanation of LSB and MSB

Here is a short explanation of the terms LSB and MSB and why it can affect the sound quality of digital sound so much. A willingness to indulge in a little bit of math is required.BINARY NOTATIONDigital music is, strictly speaking, encoded using

CL Plate Royal New Zealand Air Force

This is the same shape as used for Brown Stone posted on gallery recently.

Westone Les Paul

HelloI have no idea what I just bought but I got myself a Weston Les Paul copy today. I found it in a pawn shop here in Barcelona where I live and couldn't resist, it was 115 Euros, not sure if that's cheap or not. Does anyone know what it is, who mad

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