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Duelest story

One duelist, an ever changing destiny. Will his path be cut short by dark forces or shall he prevail? we shall see!

duelest, story, duelist, ever, changing, destiny, will, path, short, dark, forces, shall, prevail?, see!

KAPOW Fourum

Welcome to the Kapow forum. Here you can get help, use your skills to help others and enjoy hanging out in the company of other kapow Robot Developers.

design, studio, kapow, fourum, robot, data, extraction, short, error, katalyst, documentation, robots, doubts, issues

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X-Cut Impress machine

Has anyone got one of these yet, I have looked at a video of it in use and as Readicut are selling it for £24.99 with 17 stencils I am thinking of getting one, advice please.They are also doing a accessory tote and get the tote carrier free for £19.99

Tropical - Update - Cut down

Hello to All,Well, I got a mica pot that was large enough and then I realised that the tree was getting way too large.Cut down for restart. Was 28" [ 71cm ] tall, and 38" [ 97 cm ] wide as a circle /sphere goes.Now about 18" [46 c

To Cut or Not to Cut?

This morning when I logged on to check the news, I read this article: 38-year-old former Miss Argentina, has died over the weekend from complications resultin

Wound sealant, cut paste etc. Experiences, advice and what (not) to do?

Hello Growers.I would like to know your experience with wound sealant/cut paste; -Which brand do you use? -Do you have a homemade recipe from grandma that works miracles?-Does the brand make any difference and which brands should I avoid at all

Cut the blog series through at the end he deleted all of the posts. Does anyone know where to find them?

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