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Precious Heart Romances

Welcome to Precious Hearts Romances, recognized as the bestselling Tagalog romance pocketbook. The novels reinforce traditional values of commitment and a happy ending. It is an eternal e

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I love you in tagalog

mahal kita!

Tagalog fan Dub /Anime OST

Last Song -Kitsi K-on! Tagalog: My Love is A Stapler [Ang pag-ibig ko'y isang Stapler] -KitsiMiku Hatsune: Hello/How Are You Tagalog -kitsiSUPERCELL - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari -kitsi

23 fish/fishing jokes...

Q: Why did the fish cross the road?A: It was the chickens day off!Q: What do you call a fish whith a car?A: A carfish!Q: What has an upside down mouth, upside down eyes and an upside down body?A: A dead fish!Q: What is the fastest fish i

Tagalog na salita -> English word

WORD GAME...Poster 1 UnanPoster 2 Pillow UlapPoster 3 Cloud Bato..........I'll startGamot

Title an anime in TAGALOG..

You know what to do guys~ ExampleJejejejee: Dragon ball Z Bebebebe: Bola ng dragon Z Shingeki ni KyojinWaekekek: Ang pag atake ng higante [So on and so fort]Ready? GO!I'll start..Hentai ouji to warawanai

Sword Art Online Fans Club

Hello! Welcome to Sword Art Online Fans Club. Have a great time here!To join, fill-up the following:Call name:Age:Favorite SAO Character:Thanks you for joining!

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