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The art of writing is shared by thousands around the world. Here, you can add your own peice to history of life.

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Samsung GT E 2120i Flash Problem

My Samsung E2120i phone does not start, when i try to start, it start blinking, what should i do? and how? thnx in advanced

Look at this piece of shit of a human being Bastard claims this is his music, listen to Forever Enslaved By Negation and the next 5 which are also Forgotten Tomb What a fucking dick I fucking hate these people. make sure you leave a

Roasting beef

can i cook a joint in the bowl as the top rack does not sit very well over the joint for yorkshires

Encounters-A Kaito HiME piece.

takes place after 'The Means' on Tamayura night-Hope you all enjoy! --- “I figured ‘d find you up here Kai,” a voice drifted to Kaito’s ears through his sleep dazed mind. He frowned and shifted slightly, willing the voice to go away. “Ugh! You’re s



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