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The best place on the Net for Face Painters to trade tricks, tips and keys to success!

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clown plecos

Hello all, I have the opportunity to buy a group of 5 young clown pleco's L15. But i have to decide which I would like to have more these clown plecos or the L144 as I already have one young L144 and would love to get a male for it when I find out its

Clown Face wall hanging

Bought at fair seller said bought in belgium , I think poss danish / german any ideas , no markings .

To clown or not to clown

I am booked for a facepainting gig for carnival and was later told that the whole thing had a clown theme and I therefore was expected to show up in clown costume! I told him that I didn't have any and was in no state of clowning (I didn't even find clown

Clown Racing

Since the season is winding down, the last of the local contests are nearing. Today in New Jersey, we had Clown, Foxberg, and also Warbird racing. The events started today with Sportsman Clown which is any engine up to a .20 displacement. My son flew and

Eeeek! evil Clown face??

I have my first ever adult who wants to PAY me to paint their face for a Halloween party...he wants to be an 'evil clown' and I'm kinda nervous! He sent me a pic of him a couple years ago painted as a clown (more scruffy than scary, painted by a

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