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Emmori's Basement

This is a basement. Emmori and friends play here.

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MomsBasement Fourm

Free forum : Where geeks and nerds of all kinds can come together to sell and buy while chatting and posting!

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Basement, Library, Ritual Room, Potion Room, and Magical Armory

In the Basement. The Alter against the Back Wall. It is obvious that ritual is done here. On the right are two doors, one with a kitchen and potion room, and the other a magical library with at least a 1000 feet of books on magic and demons. On the

Do you think the Basement Tapes may be wandering somewhere in the Deep Web?

So lately I've been reading about the Deep Web and how it contains very rare material and stuff. Could it be that those tapes are buried somewhere in there?

Photo Guide to St. Mungos--Basement and Sub Basement

Ground Floor Main Entrance Spoiler: Emergency Wing Entrance and Desk Spoiler: Emergency Wing Spoiler: Gift Shop Spoiler: Meditation Room Spoiler: Main Dining Room Spoiler: Kitchen Spoiler: Tea

Basement and Nerd room (Closed)

People geek out here for reasons.

What are you doing?

Most of us multitask while we're online, so share what else you're doing here! Or, alternatively, tell us what you've been doing and what's going on lately. Update us whenever you like. (Oooh, this is basically like a Twitter thread.) Right now,

The Basement Tapes?

So, what are your thoughts on them? Are they ever going to be released? Probably not in my lifetime and if they do, I'll probably be really old. Aren't they locked away for at least 50 years? Sad thing is, didn't the idiot sheriff have the option to

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