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Secret Place

This is an rpg forum.I made it just in case Pepper gets annoying..

#secret, #place, #this, #forum, #made, #just, #case, #pepper, #gets, #annoying

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Get rid of these annoying arrows

Hi, I want to get rid of these annoying little arrows

Annoying popup

After every page is displayed, an annoying popup window that says Code:A username and password are being requested by The site says: "down for maintenance" is showed, asking for username and password. I

Remove the Annoying Line Under NavBar

How do I remove the annoying line under NavBar?

Help with removing annoying line.

Please help me guys im working on a new look of my forum and this line marked on the image is very annoying and destroying all concept simply doesn't match i dont know how to remove it or at least change color. And also i would like to remove two small

This page is so annoying! Can it be gotten rid of somehow?

The thing about it is when I am on my ipad this is not an issue, it only appears for me when accessing my site from my laptop? Why? and can it be dumped

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