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Joel Rincon

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Forum Name: AnimatorX Forum Categoery: Miscellaneous Forum Link: Click Here Language: English Description:This is a forum for all different types of animators, In the forum you can show and promote your animations and get feedback on them. There are

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How do you all like this?

AnimatorX Review

Name of the Forum:AnimatorX Address: What categories would you like the reviewer to review?All please

AnimatorX Review (after deletion)

Ok so last time i had the review the forum had 3000 messages, but now it has 300 due to the forum beign deleted by an admin who i thought i trusted so please take that into consideration when reviewing my forum! Name: AnimatorX Link:

AnimatorX Review [Complete]

Name of the Forum: AnimatorX Address: Click here Categories to review: I want a full review please. Suggestions: Can the reviewer suggest how i could improve the forum please. The statistics of my forum: This review request has been

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