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Happy Birthday, Ange!

I hope your day is filled with happiness and sunshine!

AABB Rules for Posting

Rules for posting on AABB Simple version: This is an adult site. There is no censorship of language beyond sensible standards of good taste. We don't censor updates. If the houseguest says "shit", we are not going to put **** unless the

Meet the Season 15 Houseguests

 Andy Herren, 26 Professor from Chicago  Elissa Slater, 27 Nutritionist from Kannapolis NC (Sister of Rachel)  Aaryn Gries, 22, a College Student from San Marcos David Girton, 25, a Lifeguard from San Diego, Calif. GinaMarie Zimmerman,

The Larry E. Bradford, Jr. Memorial

  It is with heavy heart, that I must tell our prairie family, that we lost a dear friend.   Many of you will remember Larry, who went by the username "Flatbroke."  He was a member of this forum since 2005 and a wonderful addtion.   I'm sorry to say that

Big Brother 15 Houseguest - Andy Herren - Discussion - Spoilers

Houseguest Andy Herren, 26, a Professor from Chicago, Ill.

Julie Chen address the racism..finally!

I saw an article come in last night for work...about Julie Chen, but could not discuss it. However, now that it went live, I'm am free to say...Julie Chen finally speaks up about the racism in the BB house! I think it was Chap who was the one that

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