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Unemployed Friends 2.0

A community dedicated to the support and advocacy for the unemployed.

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Overweight passengers

Hello! I am very happy that I found your forum. I love travelling and I do it often, but since Greece (when I come from) is under this economic crisis, it is difficult for me. I discovered ryanair because now it has routes from my hometown. I have

Counter Extension

Here's a project we've been wanting to do for a long time. We're glad we waited, because the idea of turning the shelf to fit all the way across the countertop didn't come to mind until about a week ago. When it's folded, the brackets show, but

Alko MAXI chassis

16" spare wheel carrier. Anyone got such an animal? I may end up making one myself . The chassis is massive so can't be hard to create a suitable device. Help / advice appreciated

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