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A.M.M.O. - HQ

Headquarters of the Anti-Marine-Murdering-Organisation, or A. M. M. O.

#a.m.m.o., #headquarters

Fallen King Airsoft

Find free local airsoft battles around San Diego, California.

#forum, #fallen, #king, #airsoft, #battle, #swap, #meet, #organize, #local, #battles, #diego, #guns, #ammo, #equipment, #tactics, #marcos, #vista, #oceanside, #escondido, #california

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Webley .455 Ammunition

Good Evening Gentlemen...... Stopped at a garage sale on the way home from work tonight and found the following..... An un-opened box of .455 revolver ammo..... Would love to find out what the markings mean, am only gessing that they were made or

7.62 Ammo Stash in Calgary

Just a heads up for anyone in the Calgary area. Capn' Bill at Things Military has crates full of 7.62 ammunition for sale. All Czech production and 1993 dated as far as I could see. Has 7.62x25, 7.62x39, and 7.62x54 rimmed. A lot of the ammo is on strippe

WTB Canadian Patt 37 Pistol ammo pouch

Hey guys, I am after a WW2 Canadian made pattern 37 pistol ammo pouch to finish off my officers webbing, preferably in unissued or lightly used condition. If anybody has one they will part with shoot me a PM Thanks. Luke

Ammo boxes

I have an affinity for ordnance and it's related ancillaries so I have a hard time passing by ammo boxes because they normally have interesting markings and a very military look. Here is a box for 20mm Hispano rounds that I picked up because of the

Ammo Crate End Tables

Hey guys, My custom made ammo crate end tables are done. My buddy and forum member Andrew Morgan made them for me, he also did a rifle crate coffee table for me. I am using these as functional furniture and as display cases for my

Ammo Boots 1962

Boots are 1962 dated unfortunately but the price was right...and they should suffice for static display. Nice size 10.5 too.

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