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A.M.M.O. - HQ

Headquarters of the Anti-Marine-Murdering-Organisation, or A. M. M. O.

#a.m.m.o., #headquarters

Fallen King Airsoft

Find free local airsoft battles around San Diego, California.

#forum, #fallen, #king, #airsoft, #battle, #swap, #meet, #organize, #local, #battles, #diego, #guns, #ammo, #equipment, #tactics, #marcos, #vista, #oceanside, #escondido, #california

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Ammo boxes

I have an affinity for ordnance and it's related ancillaries so I have a hard time passing by ammo boxes because they normally have interesting markings and a very military look. Here is a box for 20mm Hispano rounds that I picked up because of the

Ammo Boots 1962

Boots are 1962 dated unfortunately but the price was right...and they should suffice for static display. Nice size 10.5 too.

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7.62 Ammo Stash in Calgary

Just a heads up for anyone in the Calgary area. Capn' Bill at Things Military has crates full of 7.62 ammunition for sale. All Czech production and 1993 dated as far as I could see. Has 7.62x25, 7.62x39, and 7.62x54 rimmed. A lot of the ammo is on strippe

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