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Amekaji lover from Europe~

Hello Gals~ My name is Gabi, but friends call me Nekon (sometimes i use NKN as short form). I'm 20, but people always think i'm much younger I live in Poland. I loooove cats (especially my kitty- Ichigo <3 ), coffee, music, photography and


Hi! Lately I've started LOVE amekaji (American Casual). But I don't find so much about the style. Please reply if you know any amekaji bloggers or something.


Do yall know how hard it is to get amekaji clothes in america? Its harder than you think!! The only thing you can really get is the shirts with the states on them. Everyone assumes that it would be easy in america but its not because no person really

Which gyaru style do you think would suit me most? :/

The only style I've ever tried was/is ganguro. :/ ( and manba, which I stink at. >< ; ) Here's my typical skin/nude makeup: (I look oldly scene-kid-like) :/ but I'd love your suggestions. :3 and I'll try the styles out~ thank you,

Cocolulu / amekaji

Heyy. First things first ~~ My english suck, cuz I'm from Finland. Sorry. Okey, anyways. I loooove amekaji style, but my problem is, that I don't have any idea, where could I buy amekaji style clothes. Cocolulu and blue moon blue are just too

Our AmeKaji Gallery

In this thread I thought it would be cool if everyone shared their AmeKaji outfits! That way they're all in one place like a gallery, and we can get inspiration from each other!

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