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Nagai Again (Go Nagai & Ken Ishikawa)

The first Go Nagai forum in English (Father of cult classics like Mazinger Z, Devilman, Cutie Honey, Grendizer and many more! ! )

#nagai, #again, #ishikawa), #ishikawa, #gosaku, #mazinger, #devilman, #cutey, #honey, #getter, #robo., #grendizer, #goldorak, #goldrake

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Ginger Tea... etc

My new BF has been getting a crash course in migraine clusters. I was at his house the other day when I got a really nauseating migraine. Of course since I was soooooo prepared, I had none of my usual remedies other than Aleve and aspirin. No ginger


Note that GH4's interface/gameplay is the same as RB's, but with GH3 note timing. What the fuck was I on when I wrote that You start as an emo kid (created by you in the Create-An-Emo mode, with several emo hairstyle selections, and emo band shirts,

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