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DC Power 270xp alts

I have 3 DC power 270xp alts (like new) and a quad bracket for a newer model chevy/gm. 350ea shipped and 200 for bracket or make a deal for all of it...

12v motor to spin alts

i was thinking of using a 12v motor in rear of the van and weld a pulley on it to spin my alts instead of mounting them all under the hood would this be legal ... the 12v motor will be powered by the vans power. and not a external source. so i think it i

Are irragi alts any good?

I need to know if they will hold up, all I have is 1650w with 2 hc2400s in back, and hc1400 up front. Will a 300amp be to much?

FS: Mechman 270amp alt

1. Product:Mechman 270amp, 165 @ idle2. Specs:-270 amp output-Full output by 1800 rpm engine speed-Excellent output at idle, 165 amps by 800 rpm engine speed !!-Competition rectifier for durability and power handling-Zero Gauge cable

280 irragi ford alternator

Used 4 4mths it fits the 2.3,4.0,4.6,5.4 motors may fit more just not sure...185.00shipped

Accord dual Alt Setup

I have a 1990 Honda Accord EX, i am about to start a build in it, and sadly the largest drop in alternator i can find for it is about 170a, do any of you know a company that sells dual alt kits, or should i just omit my power steering and drop an

270 mechman alt

97-03 Ford F150 and expedition 4.6L 3g style plug and 6 groove belt. $250 shipped. About a year old.

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