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Inside Lakeside - Lake Chapala, Ajijic, and communities

Talk forum for people living in Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, or who are interested in living here.

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Ajijic - Fire Hill side above Lomas de Ajijic

Fire and smoke can be seen in two areas on the hillside just above Lomas de Ajijic.


DEC. 2012-----JOHN’S LIST OF DOCTORS and DENTISTS ---------All Specialist’s Below Work out of Guadalajara Hospitals AJIJIC CLINIC - DOCTOR - Open 24 Hours a day - 7 days a week **** DR. ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ - G. P. - Speaks English - (We have used

Good doctor?

Now that I have been here a while it struck me that I ought to find a Doctor just in case I might need one sometime. Does someone have a suggestion on a good one? Also did you bring your medical records down with you for your new Doctor?

Driving Time from Ajijic to Manzanillo

What is the average driving time from Ajijic to Manzanillo?

Hotel in the Ajijic area

My wife and I will be coming to Lakeside for a visit from February 19th through the 24th. We currently have a reservation in a B & B in Ajijic, the only problem is they only serve breakfast. Does anyone on the board know of a Hotel in either Chapala

HACIENDA AJIJIC Steak House Brief Review

Hacienda Ajijic is now one of, if not the "highest priced" restaurant at Lakeside. It was my favorite last year. Friday night 7 of us ate there from our Bi Monthly Dinner group. I always loved their Filet, really thick, looking and tasting

Ajijic is Very Quiet.....Driving from West Ajijic to Super L.ake....Few Cars

We went out at about 12:15 PM to drive to El Torito and Super Lake. We returned about 2:00 PM. You had your choice of parking spaces at El Torito. There was no traffic in either direction. We maybe saw 10 cars travelling East and 5 cars returning from

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