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Hetalia in Wonderland

This picture! So, Hetalia in Wonderland. What I was thinking is that the encounters can happen in any order. And the characters can stick around to annoy the Alice. Site rules apply. PM me or post below and I'll add you. Please let me know wha

FOG's Official Review Results from Forumotion!

I can't believe I beat Fate to this, but after prowling Forumotion's Help board for cool graphics I saw her request for a review and noticed that the results JUST NOW (like merely minutes ago) came in! I tried posting this in the News forum but its on loc

Home Sweet Home

April finally stopped running as soon as she reached the den "*pant**pant*I certainly ran far."She said walking into the den and curled into a ball and slept. Tallen was at the den.He was laying on the tallest rock and he looked full of

DC Multiverse

DC Multiverse in a role-play site set in the...well...DC Multiverse. Here you can create original characters or play as canon ones in any Universe in the DC Multiverse. Please join or at least check it out. It's small because it was created last night

Forumotion Terms of Service

Terms of service GENERAL CONDITIONS Of USE OF SERVICE is a service allowing the free creation of discussions forums. Responsibilities From the company: The information which are conveyed on the site are supplied in their integrity.

Point systems

We currently only use the point system of the roleplay section, where you receive points for creating EA-related creations/levels. On our new forum, we can add another point system, which uses your amount of points. This point system grants you points

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