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Got my Airbrush System Yesterday!!! How many here do airbrush??

And what paints do you like the best? I am just learning and don't want to waste too much money on trying every brand. Of course here in Florida, I need something that holds up well in heat and humidity and won't clog too much! Thanks!

Best Airbrush Makeup for Tatts

Hey Guys, I know that this has probably been discussed, but for some reason, the search only pulls up limited usable data when I query "airbrush tattoos" and "airbrush Makeup". I am gathering info to getting into airbrushed tattoos but I need resource

Any lobang for Airbrush set?

Hi guys, I'm interested in getting an airbrush set. Been trying hand brush but the result is less than satisfactory One shop i went to recommend that to a decent set (brush and compressor) would go for around 200SGD and from, that bout the

Airbrush questions etc.

I have some question about airbrush. I have been researching about airbrushing so many time but not yet satisfied what i see online (most of them are old thread). I currently live in the middle east and hobby supplies here are very hard to find like flat

Alternative shading without airbrush (try at own risk)

shading adds 'weight' to a kit and for people without airbrush (like me) always wonder how can we get similar effect if we have no airbrush (disclaimer: its an alternative to using ab but imho, using ab to do shading is the right way to go) did some

Issue with airbrush

Hi bro, Have some issue with my airbrush recently. I just bought it about a month ago and everything work out fine but starting last weekend it has been acting weirdly. Such as irregular spray or even totally no spray. I notice that the paint started t

How to display my airbrush tattoo stencils

Hi everyone, I am wondering how to display my airbrush tattoo designs? Right now I have them in a book with each design numbered I have 300 diffrent designs all but 100 where hand cut by me. I am converting my face painting designs to a shoe holder I wil

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