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MAD LM.C Family

Unofficial Worldwide LM. C Fanclub. Run by Fans, For Fans. We are unofficial and are not in contact with LM. C in any way.

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UGHH General Discussion Board

This message board is for visitors of our site to ask questions and discuss topics that are not necessarily hip hop related.

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Favourite picture of Aiji

Can't have a Maya thread and not have an Aiji one ;P my fav is:

FOOL'S MATE 363 [Aiji]

And the remaining, impossible to host on photobucket (.zip)

Member Profile: Aiji

stage name: Aiji (アイジ) real name: Mizui Shinji birthdate: 17.11.1974 birthplace: Nagano bloodtype: A western zodiac sign: scorpio chinese zodiac sign: Tiger height: 175-177 cm weight: 58 kg hobbies: talking on the phone, playing videogames,

Favourite LM.C Moments

So, some of us were doing this while trying to trend #LMCBUDOKAN and it was pretty fun and cute. Post some of your favourite Moments from LM.C history. It can be from lives, PV's, Backstage, Photoshoots, anything! It would be great to hear some of th

Aiji and maya as Pluse and Minun!

Hey there Wonderholics! First of all thanks for having a look at this topic~ I hope you are not disappointed :D I did three versions of the pic: WFWH, Bell The Cat and Ghost Heart here are also the links for the pics. I don't know if yo

Twitter translations: Aiji's 3rd Q&A + Maya

25th of August 2010 Q&A celebrating 7000 followers. 1) Q: What is your favourite dessert~? A: Hmm… When it’s a simple Tokoro, I like it with a lot of cream puff. 2) Q: Do you have to scold or preach Maya or any support members? A: Yes I

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