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ArchAngel Independant Network - Butterknowle, Bishop Auckland

A network for angels, archangels, to come together in the service of god. To offer teachings, guidance and inspiration to humans. To unite all angels on earth to our cause.

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Free forum : Archangels of War

Free forum : The Official site of AoW. Free forum : Archangels of War

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Moldavite   This stone might well have links to the very Holy Grail and has fallen from the sky to the Earth to bring forth healings. Used by many to bring forth spiritual awakenings on the path to enlightenment. It is often worn in jewelry application

Les sept saints Archanges / The seven holy Archangels

Les sept saints Archanges Michel - Gabriel- Raphaël - Uriel - Jehudiel - Sealtiel - Barachiel On trouve dans la Bible deux passages qui nous parlent déjà des sept Archanges: 1. Dans l'Ancien Testament, cela se trouve dans le Livre de

Old Dream of Archangels

About 7 years ago I had a dream that I still remember as if it was yesterday. I was sleeping in my bed when two men walked into my bedroom. One sat by my bedside (next to the pillow) and the other stood by my feet. I knew immediately that they were the


Seeing there is really no thread of the Archangels yet, thought I would make one. So, has anyone come across any of them? You experiences? Etc? I have been in contact with them for over a year now, I mainly talk to Michael - loveable as he

The Seven Souls

Spiritual Realms : The notion of Seven Soul Rays or Seven Levels of Spiritual Realms is a topic that like so many Spiritual ideas has many layers of understings to it or has gong through many path changes since in was first conceived by someone. As i

Angel pictures

Here is (hopefully) a list of Angel pictures. Please use good taste when you put some of you own here. (If you cant put them in yourself, please PM me with a copied URL web address or a site you have been too, and I will try to put it in for

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