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The forum for Clan TMMM, the best mazing clan on Warcraft 3 USEast

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Mobafire Tournament

sooo mobafire is doing a tournament we should totally enter. (are there 5 of us who play LoL who are lvl 30?) i would enter with my RL friends but unfortunately they

How to: Terrain Kill with Changeable "Tightness"

I will provide a test map instead of showing pictures for each part of the triggers, cause its simpler and less cluttered. Here are the steps to set it up: 1.First go to the variables list in the trigger editor, and add the following

Clan tmmm game day pole

woooo we're gonna have another game day woooooo idk what day its gonna be on though i vote tonight but i guess its a bit late for that soo choose any day between tomorrow and sunday Spoiler: i cant do thurs or friday (imma be tripping!

Put your SC2 name on the forum

Your forum name and sc2 name will be different so make sure you put your sc2 name in your profile so its easy for everyone to add eachother Click on the profile button at the top Scroll down to SC2 Name Type in your character name and character code

Diablo 2

So yeah finally made a new accoutn since i lost/forgot my password for my other account. any ways getting some people to play some D2 again got olo me n a RL bud playing think 13 said he was interested this goes out to any one who has shit to do for the

Clan Server

Welcome to superfuntime with collin and max Minecraft Server Ver.1 is finished! here's the basics. collin now has a superdy nifty and shinny server and he's sharing it with us. normally i'd just paste the server IP but since its going to be semi

The Ultimate Sliding System

v1.6 Why is this the best/easiest slide system? -It is simple to use, and has an easy setup. -Choice between using regions OR terrain checks -Highly customizable -No leaks, No lag -Uses only natives, saving precious memory/cpu. -Works with

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