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Newfoundland Aquariums

Aquarium discussion in Newfoundland.

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Free forum : Northern Minnesota Reef Club

A place to come and discuss saltwater aquariums. Free forum : Northern Minnesota Reef Club

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Aussie Aquarium Forum

an australian aquarium forum about all tropical fish

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Tropical Aquarium Club of Nova Scotia

NS Aquarium club: Free forum : Tropical Aquarium Club of Nova Scotia

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[060610] Hyori - Shall We Dance

Comment to download file Credit: CB

Coco Crisp & the Oakland Athletics - are they hungry enouf?

Covelli Loyce "Coco" Crisp (born November 1, 1979 in Los Angeles, California) was a Major League Baseball center fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Crisp is noted as much for his humorous and unique name as for his baseball skills. The Boston Globe

Using hardwood timber in aquariums?

Hi guys, at Bunnings they sell 1m hardwood planks for 8 dollars. At fish shops I go to they sell small 10cm pieces of driftwood for 10 dollars. Would it be safe for the fish if I were to cut up a plank, smooth it and put pieces in the tank? Not sure

CO2 kits in aquariums

Hi all. Just set up a planted aquarium with a CO2 kit and all that jazz. My question/query is this: I have a solenoid switch on tyhe regulator, to stop the flow of CO2 through the night. Whe I switch the thing back on in the morning, there are no

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