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Occupy Elkhart

A gathering place for the Elkhart, IN Occupiers

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Occupy Fort Collins Forum

This is a forum for political discussions for the occupy fort collins movement

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Here is the true typical occupy wall street person.

The call was clearly off to bad start when the caller, Scott, defended David Duke, Occupy Wall Street, and anti-Semitism in the first minute: GLENN: Okay. I want to go to Scott in New York who is a ‑‑ who says David Duke is his hero. Well, hello,

Occupy wall street...... something familiar in this picture.

Don't know how you feel about Occupy but something looks familiar in this picture................... I think the ability to have this much freedom of speech is a great things and

Occupy London evicted from St. Pauls Cathedral

3:20am UK, Tuesday February 28, 2012 Police have begun evicting anti-capitalist protesters from their camp outside St Paul's Cathedral in London. Occupy London was refused permission by the Court of Appeal last week to challenge orders evicting them

Absurd and Humorous Websites

Presidential pick-up lines. Hilarity.

Why the "Occupy Wall Street" Initiative is Failing

One could argue that there are a multitude of reasons for this. However, I would say that the most decisive factor is the composition of the protesters themselves. Far from being a quintessential representation of a discontented working class, a majority

Occupy London protesters take over office block iin the Barbican

Protesters Occupy Building In City Of London 4 Comments 3:02pm UK, Saturday January 21,

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