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Evolution Space

Evolution Space puts you in command, help guide your empire to thrive, or be crushed by others.

#evolution, #space, #puts, #command, #help, #guide, #your, #empire, #thrive, #crushed, #others

The Skin Philosophy - Skin care and akin lightening

A skin care & skin lightening forum offering beauty advice, lightening methods, informative skin care product reviews & solutions.

#skin, #lightening, #care, #whitening, #bleaching, #skincare, #brightening, #message, #board, #advice, #tips, #acne, #anti, #aging

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The purification of Shadowdale woods

(This is an event write up on behalf of DM Coreobus) The Storm of Purification The Arch-druid standing upon the ant mound looked on in dismay at the destruction caused by the blighters curse. The murky swamps upon the land and the withering trees

A horrifying Accident

Ashlee stepped out of her parent's car. "CRAP I totally wrecked the seats!" She screamed, looking at the coffee all over the leather seats seeping down into them. "They'd kill me...." She walked a bit trying to find a hardware store. "Stover

Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Mercenaries have always had a reputation for being selfish soldiers who fight for only money. Those who willingly buy their services do not trust them as far as they could poke them and that wasn't far at all. Despite this obvious distrust of these

Dylan, the starting Shinigami

Name: Dylan Tengen Race: Human (Past Life Shinigami) Rank: Past Shinigami Squad/Fraccion: None Age: Character's age - 13 (Previously 280) Zanpacto: Iteza Yumiya (A Zanpacto that resembles an arrow;An arrowhead-like tip with a handle that looks

Obito is Tobi, Leaked screenshot from R2N!!

I was looking for ways to watch it online and ran across an article Kishimoto posted and he has this picture up to promote the movie .______.

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