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Free forum : All about the Jonas Brothers. Pealse no haterz.

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More Accurate IV Calculator

Tube tester

Hi all, I just bought a Accurate Instrument Co. Tube tester Mod 257 at a flea market for $30 . the case is in fairly good condition and the tester works . I tried testing one of the KT 88 tubes on it and shows good . What i wanted to know is

Is the climate zone info accurate enough for bonsai?

Hi everyone. I was impressed with everyone adding their climate zone to their profiles when I joined the forum, so I looked up mine, cross referenced it and found I was zone 9 - the maps say 9b. While this broad classification gives a starting point I

***ROYAL/IMPERIAL GUARD .. Screen accurate character.. no customization allowed.

IMPERIAL ROYAL GUARD: CANON NON FORCE SENSITIVE CHARACTER SERVING THE EMPIRE This character is well documented. Any costume renderings will be expected to depict the character as closely as possible. There are a couple of renditions of this character,

Accurate Instrument model 161

hi all any one have manual for this tester thanks sam

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