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Andrea's 54mm Wyatt Earp

This is what I'm going to paint for a "decent quickie"   Andrea Miniatures 54mm Wyatt Earp, during the Most Famous gunfight of the Wild West.......OK Corall, Tombstone County, Arizona  October 26, 1881...... Participants were the

May 21 2011?

In case you havn't heard there is this group of "Christians" who believe that the Rapture will happen on May 21, 2011 Below is this theory by Harold Camping I want say I disagree with this theory I'm only posting this because I wanted to see how

Tube tester

Hi all, I just bought a Accurate Instrument Co. Tube tester Mod 257 at a flea market for $30 . the case is in fairly good condition and the tester works . I tried testing one of the KT 88 tubes on it and shows good . What i wanted to know is

More Accurate IV Calculator

Is the climate zone info accurate enough for bonsai?

Hi everyone. I was impressed with everyone adding their climate zone to their profiles when I joined the forum, so I looked up mine, cross referenced it and found I was zone 9 - the maps say 9b. While this broad classification gives a starting point I

Accurate Instrument model 161

hi all any one have manual for this tester thanks sam

***ROYAL/IMPERIAL GUARD .. Screen accurate character.. no customization allowed.

IMPERIAL ROYAL GUARD: CANON NON FORCE SENSITIVE CHARACTER SERVING THE EMPIRE This character is well documented. Any costume renderings will be expected to depict the character as closely as possible. There are a couple of renditions of this character,

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