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Are accounting office & treasurer's office prohibited as members of BAC & Secretariat?

good day readers. is there a guideline in the revised IRR that the chief accountant (&staff) and treasurer (&staff) are prohibited as BAC members or secretariat? thanks in advance.

A morbid, but interesting website I saw posted somewhere else today

This guy committed suicide yesterday at the age of 60, and decided to create a website in order to explain to friends and family (and everyone on the internet) just about everything they would want to know as to why he did it. The website went up

Company Accounts cost and management accounting

Plz Plz send me a cost accounting problems to my mail id its very urgent required for me plzzzzz my mail id

Clarification on whether Cellphone and Refrigerator can be considered as ordinary/regular equipment for Accounting and Budget Office?

I just like to ask a clarification on whether a Cellphone and a Refrigerator to be procured by Accounting and Budget Office can be considered as ordinary/regular equipments as provided under Sec. 52.1(b) of IRR RA. 9184 , Shopping Mode.

Important theory questions for tax laws and company accounts and cost accounting

Dear Friends, can any one send the notes / objective questions / important questions on tax laws and cost & company accounts. emailid :

Alopecia in women with severe and morbid obesity who undergo bariatric surgery

Nutr Hosp. 2011 Aug;26(4):856-62. [Alopecia in women with severe and morbid obesity who undergo bariatric surgery]. Rojas P, Gosch M, Basfi-Fer K, Carrasco F, Codoceo J, Inostroza J, Valencia A, Adjemian D, Rojas J, Díaz E, Riffo A, Papapietro K,

2013-011 Purchase of 1 unit aircon for accounting office.

Project Reference Number : 2013 - 011 Name of Project : Purchase of 1 unit aircon for accounting office. Location of Project : LGU-Danao, Danao, Bohol INVITATION TO APPLY FOR ELIGIBILITY AND TO BID The Municipality of Danao, Bohol through its Bids

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