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Free forum : The forums of the One Piece Abridging Team: Sons of Whitebeard.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episode 59

the new ygotas episode is up, ITS FUCKIGN HILARIOUS 

Night Angel Trilogy is on Graphic Audio!

I just bought the book and am in chapter 12 (I think) Anyways I knew that Brent's other series was on graphic audio, but last night I took another peek and noticed that the night angel trilogy is there too! Yipee!

The Pixar-verse theory

So, I was browsing Adam Rosner's tumblr, and I came upon this post which state that every Pixar film so far is set in the same universe...and it seems really valid. Almost Unfiction-like in quality. The abridged

Your Yugioh Meme

OK i think this will be fun lets see what people come up with  make a Yugioh based meme  based on the game itself or the anime  get creative and original and don't just copy lines from the abridged series

SAO Abridged Parody

I was searching for Cooking videos on youtube , stumbled upon this O_O . I am a SAO fanatic fan , loved this D: .

Sailor moon abridged

I don't think there's a sailor moon abridged discussion on here. I looked through search couldn't find it. I also wasn't sure where to put this either. Seeing how it's fan work really doesn't belong under the anime section, right? Anyway so how do guys

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