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Free forum : A place to talk about everything involving any kind of weaving!

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For Traditional Crafter's to freely share knowledge and resources, artefacts, bronze, experimental, archaeology, stonehenge, weaving, tracking, firelighting,

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Hugo Weaving as Red Skull? Fuck yeah.

Anime Live-Action Movies

With the recent increase of anime adaptations, some of them decent but most total crap, I believe that if studios want to make a good anime adaptation they should turn to the fans for their opinion and advice instead of trying to sucker them in for their

Len Castle and Ruth Castle

Hi,  I am an Australian potter and collector of pottery and am yet to own a Len Castle piece but hopefully this will change soon   I am after his earlier hanging sculptural pieces (similar to attached image)  I am also after more information on

Another Contract

I am on top of the world! I signed another contract to publish a book. The first one was a novel. This one is non-fiction. Both are published authors who approached me. They are spaced enough apart and on different levels of being published that I

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