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Free forum : Our Paddy Heights Crib

Free forum : This forum was designed for Azza, Shane-o, Dickie and Curt to share ideas and suggestions for pimping up our new home.

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Curt 20k Slider

My 5th wheel slider feels loose. When I first had it installed by the dealer in April it had some movement to it as I think it should have, especially in the king pin plate area. But now when I grab the slider release bar the bar rattles all over and

Rant! Lowes - Curt response when picking up EMT Conduit

(This is a rant - leaving names out on purpose) Anyone ever have the following happen to them at Lowes? I purchased some 3/4" EMT conduit, 10 pieces of 10 ' and 8 of 5'. I took it to the Plumbing section where I asked for it to be cut. As I did no

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