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My Little Pony : Griffon Kingdoms

Equestria has been invaded. The sisters have vanished, their warriors defeated, their heroes scattered, and the Griffons have claimed Canterlot and lordship over Equestria.

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Dystopian Rhapsody IC

Tuesday, March 16th, 2050 Daniel emerged from the cold, sterile examination room into an environment more wholly suitable to an eight year old child. The metal door swung open, guided by the hand of Dr. Lambent, who urged him through and smiled down

Dystopian Rhapsody OOC

"If only I could do something, ma'am, I would. But, as it is, there's nothing I, or my department, can do. I'm sure your son will turn up soon." The man smiled, the notion that his hands were tied must have comforted him, in some way. The loo

Gothic/Dystopian Interest Check

WARNING: This is a near-copy-paste from one of my previous interest checks on a different forum. Okay, so I'm in sort of a gloomy mood, and this happens to be a recurring thought that comes into mind whenever I'm in such a mood. So here's the deal:

For Money\'s Sake: Dystopian Cyberpunk Brainstorm

I put a bunch of effort into a cyberpunk setting on another forum, then realised I needed to highlight an actual plot hook to start a thread rather than merely give a compelling setting with lots of potential plot hooks. So, I figured where better to

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