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Another Skeptic! This time it's a T206 Mathewson. Check this out on ebay. This card strikes me as being

T206 Christy Mathewson

Hey fellas got this piece available for sale below. Its a T206 Christy Mathewson PSA graded Authentic. Only reason i am selling it is because i want to buy something for my t205 set. So please contact me if ur interested. Email works best

Fsot: e95 mathewson sgc 20

light abrasions on the back, from scrapbook removal imo. very pleasant looking for a 20. check out enlarged scans below. $400 shipped via check (preferred) but paypal ok also...would also trade across for a t206 matty sgc40/psa 3 action pose i

Mathewson's Fadeaway

Christy Mathewson used to call it his "freak pitch". He learned it when he was in the New England League. Even though it was gripped like a normal curve, it moved in the opposite direction. After he released the ball, his palm would face up. Christy only

E107 Christy Mathewson in Mastro

I received an email from Mastro a few days ago about their December NY live auction. The is going to be some spectacular cards including a T210 Joe Jackson. The card that caught my eye was the E107 Christy Mathewson, which imo is one of the greatest

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