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Dee Village, Millburn Street Aberdeen Rezidents forum

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Free forum : The Online Social Club

Free forum : The Online Social Club for Bus Drivers in Aberdeen

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Free forum : Grays Harbor Airsoft

Free forum : Airsoft community for Grays Harbor.

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Hello from Aberdeen

Hello everyone, Got our first Staffy a few weeks a go and named her Tia, absolutely love her to bits. Was looking through this site and must say there is alot of good information on here. So anyway just thought I would post a little hello

Foam-covered dog walk in Footdee, Aberdeen

I know we're not the only city/town to encounter bad weather today but bet no-one saw anything like this !!! Where that is taken is only a 10/15 minute walk from the city centre Dog looked as

Local Words

One of the things that fascinate me (the curse of a curious mind) is the many local sayings and words you get all around the country. I was wondering if you had some local words that you've only heard in the area where you live/grew up I'll start with

Lisa & Toby (Lasa Apso & Yorkie) in Aberdeen Sweet little pair whose owner has died, need a home together.

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