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Wine Goblet/Cup Unknown Marking - help needed

I have no idea where to begin with this lovely looking wine cup with gold inlay.   Uncertain if the marking is Chinese or Japanese.   I have compared it to some of the oriental pieces I do have and think it maybe made out of porcelain or bone.  It's got a

Blue ceramic wine goblets

I found these two very nice handmade wine goblets with a mark on the bottom. Anyone seen this before? TIA :pig:

Now Drinking: Beer/Wine/Spirit

this big boy had me feeling kinda twisted with a plate of grilled chicken, grilled onions, cabbage and fries

Temuka Wine Goblet

Here is a Temuka Riverstone Wine Goblet. This is the larger of the two goblets they produced. I will try to get a photo of the smaller one tomorrow.

Glass reproduction, wine glass type.

I'v taken my oilrer glass from my Ruston AP to see if it can be reproduced, (wine glass type) more info tomorrow on the doings. For now though, does anyone know of a source for these that i'v not found, i have looked. I'v done searches on here and other

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