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Free forum : LHF and TRA alliance

Free forum : LHF and TRA ikariam alliance. Free forum : LHF and TRA alliance

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Ben 10/Transformers Crossover Fanfic

Since people liked the sneak of the fanfic on the other topic on this i decided to make a fanfic about Ben 10 and Transformers crossover.Characters:Ben TennysonGwen TennysonKevin LevinGrandpa MaxAutobots:Optimus PrimeSentinel


I wanna share this awesome Japanese group/band. And better check this out! I've first listened to them at their cover of YUI's "LIFE" in her album SHE LOVES YOU. can you say

Nightshades fan art

well i thought i had put up some of my art but I guess not so i will start with a concept commission that was done by me and my friend Jazylh. Its of one of our shadowcon characters called shadow.

Planet X: Project Genesis

This behemoth has been up for pre-order for a little while now but you definitely don't want to be caught snoozing on this one and miss out! It will probably be a long time before we ever see another updated Omega Supreme, too. This WFC Version will tower

Random toy talk

Transformers PrimeTransformers Power combinersTransformers War For CybertronTransformers GenerationsTransformers Animated (at least a few more to be released)ugh!!!! too many toys all at once i still need to finish my g1

SCANDAL Koibito?

Just a dumb question..but i've been thinking this since i found out the band SCANDAL.They're all BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, GORGEOUS and etc. (Can't express them in words. REALLY it's so difficult ) )My question is..Do they have Suitors now or

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