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Free forum : LHF and TRA alliance

Free forum : LHF and TRA ikariam alliance. Free forum : LHF and TRA alliance

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Ben 10/Transformers Crossover Fanfic

Since people liked the sneak of the fanfic on the other topic on this i decided to make a fanfic about Ben 10 and Transformers crossover. Characters: Ben Tennyson Gwen Tennyson Kevin Levin Grandpa Max Autobots: Optimus Prime Sentinel

Nightshades fan art

well i thought i had put up some of my art but I guess not so i will start with a concept commission that was done by me and my friend Jazylh. Its of one of our shadowcon characters called shadow.

SCANDAL Koibito?

Just a dumb question.. but i've been thinking this since i found out the band SCANDAL. They're all BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, GORGEOUS and etc. (Can't express them in words. REALLY it's so difficult ) ) My question is.. Do they have Suitors now or

Swapping my XBOX FUT 13 coins for PS3 FUT 13 coins

My brother and I have 11k on Xbox for FUT 13. Gonna be playing PS3 this year though so wanna trade for PS3 coins. Anyone up for that swap? Using a trusted middleman that has access to both consoles though!

Random toy talk

Transformers Prime Transformers Power combiners Transformers War For Cybertron Transformers Generations Transformers Animated (at least a few more to be released) ugh!!!! too many toys all at once i still need to finish my g1


I wanna share this awesome Japanese group/band. And better check this out! I've first listened to them at their cover of YUI's "LIFE" in her album SHE LOVES YOU. What can you say

High Rank or Low Rank? That Is The Question.

I have gotten to the point in the game when all of the armors in low rank are able to either upgrade to high rank o craft all new high rank versions. I was just wondering if anyone has an idea of what armors i should upgrade and which i should reforge. I

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