Nakama, not IchiRuki

Ichigo & Rukia: Friendship, not Romance

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Jodha Akbar - 14.August.2013

It is indeed a pretty sight to see the shah-en-shah honoring his mother-in-law. Obviously, it is the mother-in-law after all!! Even the shah-en-shah knows it is better not to mess with that breed of women! But boy-o-boy! Is the King gaining my respect

Ichigo Rukia (IchiRuki) Ice Skating – Remember the Moment?

Spoiler:Do you remember the moment when Ichigo invited Rukia to go ice skating with their friends? Bleach Episode 342, Ichigo is at the point where he’s are about to be lost. Ichigo and he’s friends are able to ride normally, but Rukia needs

Cox O-Fourty-Five

I have been looking for this engine for years and have never seen one for sale previously: am surprised (no, truly shocked) that the auction ended with such a

H3R0 VS Rukia

won 2-0 ggs

Mai-HiME/Otome Love Child

Since I am so obsessive over this subject, I believe it is about time I start forming it into a topic instead of spamming it everywhere. So where goes!Haruka and Nao's love child: Meiling Hong: Strong, loud, usually doesn't do her job properly

Kirito & Asuna VS. Ichigo & Rukia

They are both Immortals..Fast..Strong..At sila ang bida parate...

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