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Hello from a newie

Hello...Just popped in to see what Ideas You can give me. My machine doesn't aleays swith on or stay on but I am still trying to use it.I am about to look at the site and find out if it is somethingThat I am doing wrong or if anybody else has this

Love for Starchild

As some of us know, one of our long time, hard working loveably and lovely members has been given 1 month to live. Starchild's life is obviously going through upheavel right now and I want to show her that we are not just random people on the internet, bu

Hitler in British Comics

Hi everyone!I'm researching the use of Hitler in British Comics for a Crikey! article. I'd like to hear from you all about any such appearances that you remember from any period/style of British Comics, whether it's 'Addie and Hermy' from The


as disgussed before i amthinking of putting a paypal donation button on and which will be totally voluntary to keep or improve this sitedoes anyone agree or disagree with this action

Wanted Westone Spectrum FX 199 ss

It's a schoolboy dream does anyone know where I can get one please?ThanksJJ Dogboy71172@hotmail.com

Regarding the Communication

Following on from this in spirit.This is thread for facilitating communication between members regarding... Well, you should know. If you don't,talk to me and I can give you a fairly good image of the matter.Please post contact details and timezone as

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