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Talk about your Favourite anime!!!Or chat like MAD!!! XD

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Tambayan ng mga Anime Addicts

If you love Anime and want to meet fellow OTAKU, this is the right place for you! Join us and chat with us!

tnmaa, #anime, addicts, otaku, tambayan, cosplay, jpop, battle, quotes, convention, komikon, ozine, otakuzine, naruto, piece, sword, online, download, free, newest, list, addict

Acces Anime

A2 is an anime (OTAKU) fan base community - (Members have more fun)

#anime, acces, anime(otaku)fan, base, organization, manga, animation, otaku, cosplay

Anime Village

Everything about Anime

#anime, naruto, bleach, free, download, mediafire

Welcome to Anime Love!

Free forum : haii :D welcome to anime love 333. ovbously since your reading this, you love anime well so do we! this fourm is ware you can find everythign to do with anime. and manga :Duhh. i dont

#anime, manga, random, welcome, love!

Yakuza Anime Official Forums

#anime, torrents, yakuza, official, forums, manga, downloads, wallpaper

Free forum : anime reapers

Anime Reapers, a great place to make friends, talk about anime, RP, and to just talk about anything from games and mangas to things that might be very appealing and interesting in this wacky world.

free, #anime, reapers, chat, forums

Anime for the public

the place to go if you want to talk anime

#anime, forum, computers, games, talk

Anime High School Rpg

Come roleplay with us at Fushigi High! Meet new people.Join some groups!Have fun!

#anime, high, school

Anime World.Net

The Evoulution of Gible's Valley

#anime, world, place, were, fans, unite!

Anime Base

Welcome to the Anime Base forums

#anime, base, naruto, bleach, dragon, ball, forums

Anime Empire

The Empire of Anime ~

#anime, empire, otaku, forum, social, networking, community

Anime Heaven

Here, you can role play anime rp, fantasy and more.

#anime, forum, role, playing

Anime Hunters

Dedicated to tracking and catching the best anime for you to watch!

games, #anime, hunters, movies, music, news, catching, best, watch!

The Anime Studio Forum

A forum for our Website The Anime Studio

download, #anime, studio, forum, website, topics, encode, encoding


Anime Forums. ANIME X. Free forum Anime downloads ANIME MANGA

free, #anime, downloads, manga

Free forum : Serenity Anime

Free forum : Simply an anime based forum/blog community for all to come, enjoy and chat/communicate with game reviews, updates, and latest anime releases

free, serenity, #anime

Forum gratis : Free forum : Anime Temple

Forum gratis : Anime Temple, A Home for Anime Lovers. Free forum : Anime Temple

forum, gratis, free, #anime, naruto, code, geass, fruit's, basket, dragonballz, bleach, full, metal, alchemist, deathnote, pokemon


Welcome to the discussion forum about anime cartoons, there are quizes and multimedia.

dragonball, multimedia, freek, #anime, episodes

Anime Zone

This is the site for all anime n manga goodies. u'll find this site for everythin anime!!

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Anime, Manga and everything else!

Talk about anything, and ofcourse Anime/Manga. Anime, Manga and everything else!

#anime, manga, everything, else!

Anime Corner

The best spot for anime information.

#anime, corner, best, spot, information, manga, news

Anime Forum!

Here you can find anime discussions and anime episode commentaries. We Generalize the discussion and focuses only at the anime's.

#anime, forum!, here, find, discussions, episode, commentaries, generalize, discussion, focuses, only, anime's

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