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Hand of Damnation Campaign Picture Thread

Since nobody else made a picture thread for it yet, I shall throw one up with a few pictures as a starter..! And at last, the Orcs managed to perform a perfect circular formation.. Rarely seen! Links to the Pictures, since some of the

[H/F] Hand of Damnation.

Hand of Damnation Contact: Haluthious, Nalesli, Sedah, Diederich Website: From the ensuing war in Northrend the name of “The Hand of Vengeance” tempered many foes working with the Vanguard of the Horde. Alas, today –

Lol worst luck ever

so i finally got the idol of vanity charm after 30 minutes of trying. then summoned and got the spirit of damnation charm and it said cube with either key or the idol of vanity, so i cube the thing with a darn key and i get this key of damnation. man now

I need info on some recipes (Ultimative)

Hi guys! Yesterday i've found a share stash and it was full of item. But many item i don't know how to get it and what they do, what kind of recipes i can do whit theses? How to get Signet Of Skill How to get Custom Signet Of Learning How to get

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