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506th Infantry Regiment

A realism unit for ARMA

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Easy Company - Clan

We are a slightly laid back multi-gaming clan, playing what ever we feel like. Our mission: To provide the best environment we can for anyone that enjoys gaming in tight groups.

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Hetzer, Prague 1945

This has been an ongoing project which started off to be just a simple paintjob but in the meantime ended up a complex tiring one, still it looks simple and minimal. Hetzers were very effective tankhunters, built by Skoda on the 38t chassis. This Hetze

Master box 1/35 "Europe, 1945"

I received this kit a while back.. What attracted me to it, was the uniqueness of the subject matter. I can see the possibilities of this being used in a number of different setting and poses. Consist of one spruce, and a set of decals with insignia

Lister D 1945... wartime darker green paint.(deep brunswick??)

having stripped my 1945 Lister D through a number of coats of paint... the "original" is actually a much darker green than normal "mid brunswick" as I am fairly keen on getting paint correct... I would like to keep this darker

New Book on Tigers in Italy 1943-1945

There is a new book out on Tigers in Italy 1943-1945 by Waldemar Trojca Hard cover, 104 pages, 132 b+w photos, 5 color photos, 16 pages of color profiles, 8 maps and 8 organigrams. English text. Price: $70.00 It will be available in March

Villiers " the V engine " mk10 year 1945 W/D war deparment spec engine

hi sorry not been posting as normal long story made short for you 1. serious money issues 2. wife pregnant again   bloody postman:stick lol:  :stick lol:  3. wifes heart issues started again and getting worse 4. ive been having health issues also

The making of UPRISING, Prague 1945

So here is my next vignette, finally in it's finishing touches. Have been influenced for years with revolutions and uprisings and this incedent have been in the back of my mind for ages. But lacked proper research and inplements. Here I have to thank Czec

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