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Pokemon: 4chan Version

Temporary hangout, for shits and giggles.

#pokemon:, #4chan, #version, #temporary, #hangout, #shits, #giggles

Agricultural Game Project

Where some dudes from 4chan will try to create a game.

#agricultural, #game, #project, #where, #some, #dudes, #from, #4chan, #will, #create

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The most hardcore animal I've ever seen

Sorry if anyone already knows just how hardcore this things is, but I recently came across this little beast on In this video you will see a Honey Badger fight a highly venomous snake, die from the poison and then decide to come back to lif

Trapped Under Ice (hardcore band recently getting lots of flack)

I don't know how many people have heard about what happened, but this is one of the newer hardcore bands out there. Not going to describe them or their sound or anything like that, but they are from Baltimore. They play a show over in Germany and a kid

Xibalba- Hardcore band heavily inspired by legendary metalcore and death metal bands

YES THERE ARE BREAKDOWNSInfluences:SepulturaDisembodiedMorbid AngelCrowbarBloodhasbeenshedOne King DownObituarySeems like a recipe for success, right? You be the judge of that. I'm digging em. I can't really say it's deathcore eve


All right, comrades. I am organizing a raid. No, this is not a personal army rally. This is for the glory of all of us. I am not your commander, only your recruiter.The man called Jeffrey Rowland has done things. He has made grievous mockeries of many

(SPOILERS) Slender: The Arrival - Hardcore Ending

After I beat the game, I messed around with the options and I saw Hardcore mode. After some rage, I finally beat it and I saw that the ending was different. (and on YouTube) From what I saw, after Kate (the Proxy) attacks you when the fire goes out,

Hardcore pawn Chicago

Did any1 see this guy sell his whole collection on the show, he shoulda called me for that price. Lol.

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