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Have you been to 4chan?

Is it true only faggots and pedophiles go there?

Stoner Thread. your stoner stories. or your drunk stories.O

BC hardcore rogue build

I was just jerkin around with the new talent trees when the idea struck me like a lightning bolt... cold blood + premed build using hemo as a main attack. would be deadly on PVP and speciall

DICE, 4chan, and Dinosaurs!/gustavhalling/status/78029240041345026Quote:Gustav Halling Did you notice the dinosaur in our E3 #Bf3 demo? =) #just4funThis is fucking hilarious and epic. DICE, seriously, this is the single

Going to attempt Hardcore and Insane

Well since my brother has apparently not completed it but has with Dom, We are going to attempt Hardcore and Insane soon. Any tips?

Best post hardcore/Metal band?

For me its not in order - Escape The Fate- Alesana- Bless The fall- The world alive- Cradle of Filth- Bring me the horizon- Eyes set to kill- a skylit drive- odd project- The Devils wear prada- attack attack!- a line before

Banned on the hardcore air maps server

I was just banned for team killing on the hardcore air server. I had C4 on my jeep when the Havoc spawned. I jumped out and somebody ran in front of my driverless jeep, thereby killing them. I was banned shortly after. My in-game name in C4ples.I play

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