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Undertaker's Baby

At the FCW Wrestling event in Dallas on Wednesday night, FCW President Steve Keirn addressed the live crowd and announced that WWE Superstar and Legend the Undertaker and his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool, are expecting their first child. The news

Update on Undertaker's Return

Quote:Regarding The Undertaker's return, nobody within WWE expects him to be back in action before WrestleMania 28. Taker still isn't 100% confirmed for WrestleMania but if he does return, expect him to be back in early 2012 to set up a feud for the big

The Undertaker is considered retired within WWE

Regarding The Undertaker's wrestling status, the mentality of WWE personnel is that he's considered retired. This explains Michelle McCool leaving to spend more time with him at home. The Undertaker is in far worse physical shape than is being let on.

The "Bloodiest Match Ever" Between The Undertaker and John Cena???

All of a sudden I am seeing a load of posts on Facebook with a link to a video. I am at work so cant watch it but apparently it is a Hell In A Cell match between The Undertaker and John Cena in which Taker gets busted up so badly he gets rushed to hospita

Ryback VS The Undertaker....Wrestlemania

I can see this happening at Wrestlemania and finally The streak being broken. However it would need to be booked correctly and can see Rybak being the face leading into the match and Undertaker as the Heel.

The Undertaker (s)

Just saw this on some random site about British wrestling. Quote:The Undertakers Two masked men, top hated and black jacketed, emerged on to the mid sixties independent circuit, billed from Chicago. They were so-called brothers Jonathan and

Undertaker gets the sack..

West Ham have parted company with manager Avram Grant after a 3-2 defeat at fellow strugglers Wigan sealed their relegation from the Premier League. The club confirmed the Israeli was leaving the club just over an hour after their 18th league defeat of

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