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Part of iTweak, this board is for discussing iOS related things, and the various tweaks on iTweak.

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Punbb Community forum is Forumotion hosted forum which offers a lot of quality tutorials, skins, tips and tricks for your forum.

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Warband Tweak

I'm running a campaign in the near to distant future, and two of the players are dead-set on Lizardmen and Shadow Warriors. The other four (including myself) are using core warbands, so I've been trying to come up with a reasonable modification to the two

Tweaking Forums

If you couldn't tell, we're in the middle of moving things around on the forums. We're mid-process, but if you have any comments feel free to share them here.Thanks!

MHDT Havana DAC with tubes upgrade and tweaks (SOLD)

* MHDT Labs Havana DAC* V-Cap OIMP 2.0uF/250VDC for MHDT Havana* HiFi Tuning Slow 400mA small Fuse for MHDT Havana* Herbies Audio Lab UltraSonic 30* GE JAN-5670W* Western Electric NOS JW 2C51/396A**Power cable and interconnect is not

Links Tweaks

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone noticed the changes I've made on the forum.In particular the new updated links at the top of the page (index|FAQ|search|etc.)Also I've changed the poll results to be swordsLike dislike?Edit: I've also

Tweaks Do Work On Amplifiers

From my previous experience the biggest improvement is usually obtained when vibration/isolation products are used beneath CD players. I have never perceived a difference when tweaks are used on all my previous amps. Today's experience had proved

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